The original flavors and food style your cat already loves.

Available in: 3oz, 5.5oz, 10.0oz cans and 3oz pouches


New creamy and delicious high moisture pâtés.

Available in: 2.8oz and 5.5oz cans


High moisture content gravy keeps cats hydrated and healthy.

Available in: 3oz, 5.5oz cans and 3oz pouches


A great source of fiber to support your feline's digestive system.

Available in: 1.05oz pouches



Picky Cats have been baffling us for years!

Will they eat it, won’t they eat it, maybe they will eat it this time and not the next? Well, have you ever stepped back and taken a look at why they are like that?

Cats do not have the genes necessary for tasting sweet substances, which some say is the reason in the wild, cats dine on protein only and very few carbohydrates. With cats being Obligate Carnivores (must eat protein) it makes sense why they are very texture based. 

Some cats might like the thick shreds of meat in our Soulistic Original recipes line while others may prefer the pâté consistency of our Pâté & Shreds recipes. And if they are gravy-lovers we have them covered too with our Moist and Tender recipes. Either way, Soulistic has your picky cat in mind with one of our high protein and low carbohydrate delicious wet cat foods!